Web Developers

On the Jeff Social Tech developers website you will will find resources for website developers. From SEO tools, To domain names and updates for Jeff Social Web Products. We also blog about the best free and paid SEO Tools for your website.

Whois Database

Use this tool to see ‘who is’ the owner of a website or check to see if DNSSEC is signed. By signing the DNSSEC you prevent people from exploiting a security vulnerability. When you register a domain name with Jeff Social Web you can activate upgraded DNS features that sign your DNSSEC.

Domain Names

Register a domain name now. Find the perfect .com, .ca, .energy, .dev, .xyz, .org and many other domain name extensions. We also do transfers, bulk transfers, bulk registration, and domain backordering. As soon as you register your domain you can get full DNS control and add-ons like DDNSSEC for security. You can point your name servers to any hosting you chose or you can use one of our web hosting options at Jeff Social Web.

Green Energy Hosting

Managed WordPress hosting by Jeff Social Marketing. Comes with SSL certificate, firewall and other security features while using renewable energy hosting. Fast servers located in Canada that produce 70 percent less carbon emissions than other energy sources. Shared hosting which can be upgraded to a Virtual Private Server with you own dedicated IP address.




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